Sometimes Lunch is Difficult / I Used To Be A Trucker

I think I was a trucker in a past life.

There are several reasons for this, but I’d say one of the most prominent is my love for gas station food. I like bean dip and chips, and energy drinks. I like ICEEs and Hostess and frozen burritos. Of course, I would never admit this to most people in real life, but I can picture myself driving down the open highway, an asphalt cowgirl, listening to “Roll On” by Alabama… and eating a Patio bean and cheese burrito.

Usually I try to stay away from perishables at the gas station, even though they’re tasty… I’ve found they can cause problems down the road, if you know what I mean.

That is why, yesterday, when confronted with the prospect of either going to the car and picking through the cup holder for change to purchase a frozen burrito or not eating lunch at all, it took time to make my decision. Of course, eating lunch is much better than not eating lunch. I actually have quite a problem with lunch. I always forget to eat until I am past the point of no return, when I get cranky and my belly begins to play a rumbly dirge.

My belly is loud, too. It’s horribly embarrassing when someone three or four people over from you, who isn’t quite close enough to understand what that noise is, starts looking around for a vibrating phone or something. It happened to me when I sat for the SAT in high school. First of all, I was sick in Isham (the health center at PA) when I was scheduled to take the test. I literally left the doctor on Saturday morning, took the test, and went back to the infirmary for three more days. It was a stomach flu type illness. Since I am left handed, I ended up in the very back of the gym in a lefty desk, which was nice because I was far enough away from people that I wouldn’t be spreading germs. Unfortunately, due to the echo-y nature of high school gymnasiums, my tummy rumbles could be heard by the back few rows of people, about twenty feet away. At one point, a friend of mine turned to peek at me and shook his head. He felt bad enough that he never gave me a hard time about it really.

I digress. The point I was trying to push is that cheap frozen burritos don’t always get along with my digestive system, and that when my belly is upset, everybody from here to Huntsville hears about it. “Why not just get one of the hot pockets out of the vending machine?” you ask. Well, the burritos were the only thing I could afford at that moment, and even then I had to raid my car’s cup holders and deprive myself of the cents I usually reserve for glazed donuts from Shipley’s and other wonderful treats.

At this point, since my belly was already rumbling, I felt I had no choice but to take the plunge. I got a burrito from the vending machine, and, as discreetly as possible, took it to the microwaves to heat up. After all, you don’t want anyone to see you heating up something from a vending machine. Well, perhaps you might. I don’t know.

Anyways, in the end, all my worry was for naught. My belly, though it didn’t exactly feel happy, did not rumble overmuch. No one in class seemed to notice, and no one seemed to want to escape, either. Crisis averted.

This incident made me think, though. There was a lesson for me to learn here, and it wasn’t just that $1.50 is a lot of change to find in a cup holder. The lesson is I need to start being more prepared. If I’m hungry, I won’t learn as easily. I might miss critical information that could help a potential client down the road.

Today I brought an organic Amy’s burrito from home. It was actually tasty. I didn’t feel nearly as ashamed at the microwaves. I’m not saying I’ll ever be like the woman I saw yesterday with brussel sprouts and fake chicken (very impressive leftovers; they smelled delicious), I hope to occasionally smash together some tuna salad to break up my line of frozen burritos and lean cuisines.

Not that I’ll ever really get tired of frozen burritos… They’re much too tasty! I will be doing my best to get healthy, organic frozen burritos from now on, however, because I think they allow for more pleasant down-the-road experiences. Plus they have more pronounceable ingredients, which is pretty much always a good thing.


PS- Check out all the Amy’s burritos on their site! There are diary-free, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. (Speaking of gluten-free, I saw cheap, generic brand, good-looking gluten-free pasta in Target’s pasta aisle… No reviews yet, but Nikki and I are hoping for a winner!) Amy’s even has a samosa wrap; I am very interested to try that. I am also a fan of Lean Cuisine’s┬áspring rolls (there are multiple flavors). They are easy and quick! Happy Lunch-time to meeee!!!