Professor Wilks, You’re My Favorite

I was very excited on the first day of class. I was obscenely excited considering my first class was Civil Procedure. (I think it’s apparent from the name that the subject is pretty boring.) Then, we started class, and I sort of fell in love with Professor Wilks.

“But, Kaia!” you say, “I thought you were in love with Justin! What happens to him, now that you’re hot for teacher?!”

No, no. It’s not like that, ya’ll. Professor Wilks has a badass walker. I suspect he is nearing his seventies. He’s AWESOME. I am positive I love him only in a professional, completely appropriate professor-student (who he probably couldn’t pick out of a lineup) way.

First of all, my Civil Procedure class is really, really fun. He’s hilarious. He tells us all sorts of fun stories about his courtroom antics. When he defended insurance companies in personal injury cases, he used to work with a dream doctor… Apparently the guy didn’t believe in whiplash.

He comes up with uproarious hypotheticals. He asks tough questions. The best part? Between the laughing, I’m learning a lot. Today was the best class so far, and we had a pop quiz! Who likes classes with pop quizzes?!

Apparently I do. But I think Professor Wilks has more to do with liking that class than anything else.