Halloween is Coming! / Target Missoni Collection

Halloween is on its way. I got a really awesome sign at C&D Hardware today. It is sparkly, orange, and says “Spooky.” It’s awesome. There is a man who works there, a bigger guy with red hair. He is very nice, and I learned today that his favorite holiday is Halloween, too! Apart, he said, from May 3… I guess that I can’t blame him, seeing as November 21 is my favorite favorite holiday. He liked my spooky sign, and the koozie I got that says, “Elixer of Doom.” The people in there are always SO HELPFUL.

I am a huge fan of buying from independent stores. The feel of them is completely different. I can walk into C&D and ask any member of the staff where they keep metric sockets or which brush I should use with oil paint for trim and they will say, “Follow me.” This is a far cry from the Home Depot, who tried to cheat Mom out of hundreds of dollars on a washer dryer set and ruined a key I was trying to copy. I’m still not sure how they did that, by the way. Those little machines they use now are fool-proof! Anyways, the staff knows their stuff. On another positive note, they have a surprising lot of items. If they don’t have what you need, options are to order and ship it for pick up or straight to your house, or request they stock it.

Also, like it’s bigger, higher-end buddy Bering’s, C&D carries a ton of crute gifts. They have a nice selection of Tervis Tumblers, seasonal merchandise, and kitchenware.  They had my Spooky sign. They have fun things to hang on the wall, and hilarious aprons. It’s wonderful. Unlike Bering’s, I can actually afford to shop there. I recommend C&D highly. They’ll hook you up. Fa sho.

I also stopped at Ross on my way home. For less than $40 I got a rug for in front of the kitchen sink, an adorable Halloween tablecloth that looks and feels like it will stand up to many washes, some Halloween dish towels, a Happy Halloween potholder, a mug with a scary skull on it, two airtight canisters for the gluten-free flours I used to make Nikki’s french bread this weekend, an extra-large box of Sunkist fruit gems, some scrunchies, and two pairs of those cleaning gloves that are adori-fied. One pair has a spider ring, for Halloween-time… Or any time. 🙂 That place is so cheap, and I can usually find really cute stuff. I am for sure going back at Christmas to buy presents. They had all these really nice lavender soap gift sets that would be cute with a hand-knitted washcloth. Plus I will be able to say, “Do you love it? I love it. I got it at ROSS!” Let’s be real: I’ll probably sing it, not say it. Just saying. Now I’m excited for Christmas, too. Who knew Ross Dress for Less could have that effect on a body?

Now, on to more shopping excitement…

Target has their Halloween stuff out. I am very much looking forward to finding some fun monster picture frames and hopefully a birthday gift for Jessica. I am going tomorrow morning, though, because tomorrow morning is the introduction of Target’s MISSONI line. I am so excited. The commercials are adorable! I plan to get there early to snag the crutest stuff. Mom and Elise are going to be so jealous of my adorable cheap Missoni loot. I can’t wait!

Quick aside: When I told Justin how excited I was about the Missoni line at Target, he replied, “Don’t we already have a ton of that stuff? I mean, almost all the clothes we get from there are Missoni.” It took me a second to figure out he meant Mossimo. Ha. Men.

I am hoping that they have some things that go well in my house… And even if they don’t, I am sure I will find a way to make it work. I really think this is the final chapter in the “I don’t like Target very much right now” book that has documented the months since I went to Target late one night for retail therapy and found that they had ceased to carry both the brand of tampons I like AND my bra size. I was so upset. I wrote a letter. I don’t know how much that had to do with it, but Target started carrying both again, and I feel that after I score some sweet gear tomorrow morning in clothing, housewares, and seasonal, I will finally be able to forgive. Wish me luck on my quest. 🙂