We are FINALLY getting married!

To all those who haven’t heard, Justin and I are tying the knot in January! I am very excited. I also figured a little wedding happiness would be welcome after such a long respite from the blog. Hope you enjoy my stories!

Last week Justin, after having been in Michigan for business for close to a week (read: after I had greatly missed his presence and not slept for almost a week), informed me he was going to run a quick half hour errand instead of coming home to see me. Two hours and one nearly burnt halibut filet later, I was wicked pissed.

He came home to me mowing the lawn. Apparently this is a very passive aggressive thing I do to poor Justin when I am angry: I try to make him feel worse by tending to his chores that maybe he hasn’t had time to do. It’s a martyr thing. I’m guessing I got this dramatic gene from my dad, who can be a very convincing martyr if need arises.

After some tears and a very nice apology, Justin promised to take me to church and gave himself to the wedding cause for the entirety of Sunday.


So, last Sunday, Justin woke up like a champ and sat through a very interesting historical sermon at First UU. Then he took me to Buffalo Grille, one of my favorite restaurants of all time, where I got to eat huevos rellenos with Christmas sauce… And then we got to go to Bering’s and register for china.

Three words: What. A. Man. 🙂

Here’s a fun story about Buffalo Grille: When I was around nine or ten years old, we met Rod and Zsazsa for brunch at the BG, just like lots of other weekend mornings. This time, Rod ordered huevos rellenos. I got a hotcake. He let me try his rellenos. I ate half his plate. When I shared this memory with Zsazsa the other day, both of us laughed because sharing huevos is not necessarily the most in-character thing for Rod to have done… I must be one of his eight favorite grandchildren. 🙂

Now for a fun story about Bering’s from back in the day: When Elise and I were little, Bering’s was one of the stores mom shopped where we actually didn’t mind having to tag along. Oddly enough it also had more rules than any other stores, in part, I think, because they carry such a variety of goods. In the gift shop you had to “touch with your eyes,” no one was allowed to pet Chainsaw the key-cutting parrot because sometimes he could be mean, the fireplace area (delineated by a flooring change) was entirely off limits, you couldn’t open more than one drawer of fasteners at a time in hardware, and coffee samples are for adults only, NO EXCEPTIONS. The fun part was for each department, there were a host of fun games and daydreams and things to look at. We used to go into the fine gift shop and choose our china, and pick just what color of little Herend figurines we wanted decorating our house. We would pick out the paint colors for every room in our dream house, slam the lids on all the grills (yes… we were hooligans), and hide under the tables in fine gifts. At Christmas time, mom would buy us each an ornament, and at Easter time we might go and buy a hostess gift. Dad took us with him to cut keys, buy pocket knives (which promptly became lost), and, every once in a while, coffee beans. It was pretty much always fun. Except that one time, when I got in trouble for playing funeral with Elise and making her get into a very large cooler… That trip did not end so well for me. I think my only saving grace that day was, since she had only been “a little maimed in the accident,” that the funeral was an open casket affair. It was one of those with a split lid and everything, so you couldn’t even see that her legs were bunched up under the other half because her coffin was too small. We had only been at it for about a two minutes, and I had just started the very formal Greek Orthodox benediction when mom rolled up and asked what on EARTH I was doing to my sister, told me it wasn’t funny, and proclaimed we were leaving NOW. At the time I felt the whole thing extraordinarily unjust, but looking back I can see why mom got so upset. It was an awfully macabre game. Elise even stuck up for me, saying she thought it would be fun to be the dead person, and besides she was tired and it was nice to lay down. (Thank you, Measle.) I can’t imagine how embarrassed mom must have been. Poor Mommy. I don’t know that we ever played funeral again after that. 🙂

Anyways, Bering’s the other day was really like a dream come true. I actually got to touch and play with all the beautiful china and crystal. I got to make up my place settings, and make a wish list. I had a blast. Even if no one pays any attention to my registry, the experience was enough of a gift in and of itself.

I sent a picture of my proposed china setting to mom, complete with a pretty napkin ring, and something about sitting there with my Future Husband, actually getting to touch the Herend pieces and choosing the plates I want to use for family holidays, having the boss to dinner, and for celebratory occasions. Maybe part of why that was such a big moment for me is because I always loved having dinner on Mom’s fine china. We’ve had so much fun and shared so many special and fancy dinners on her ivory plates with little purple rocks. And now, I get to carry on those traditions with my new family. It’s very exciting. When Mom replied to the picture that she thought my selections were lovely I simply burst into bridal tears of joy and poor Sabrina, our wonderful helper, had to help me find tissues. Like waterworks, ya’ll. Justin was awfully manly and understanding about it, even though it was probably embarrassing that I joyfully wept that much.

Herend Fishscale (in green, not blue) and Golden Edge, Waterford Lismore Essence, and Gorham Fairfax

Herend Fishscale (in green, not blue) and Golden Edge, Waterford Lismore Essence, and Gorham Fairfax

I also picked out some gorgeous everyday plates that will hopefully replace the plates we have now. I am awfully tired of them, and we no longer have a full set and cannot obtain more. I am ready to have something a little nicer, too, that won’t become matte after going through the dishwasher. I also found some lovely place mats and napkin rings to go with those. I had so much fun with this. I know I would get bored after a while, but I can honestly say I would love to dress tables for a living. I don’t know that I would want to decorate entire rooms, but a lovely tablescape is well within my limited attention span and wealth of creativity to make. I’ll just have to have lots of dinner parties to scratch that itch!

Casafina Arabesque, with Vietri Martellato flatware

Casafina Arabesque, with Vietri Martellato flatware

I hope you enjoyed my stories and my plates. 🙂 I don’t even care if I am gifted any of it, it was just so nice to live that little girl’s dream!!! I have a charmed life, with a loving and wonderful family, a loving and wonderful Future Husband, and a beautiful bonus daughter who brings me joy every day. I couldn’t ask for better friends, either. I feel so loved, and I feel so happy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to each and every person who has supported and loved me along this journey. I am blessed, and I want you to know I appreciate you all!! 🙂

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